100% Carbon Neutral Baby!

We are absolutely ecstatic to announce the Palmah is now officially a 100% carbon neutral company. 
Since we released our first organic hemp tee, we made a commitment to making this happen and have been working closely with On A Mission Organisation and Eden Reforestation to make it a reality. 

What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutrality refers to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. This means that we remove at least 100% of the CO2 that we put into the atmosphere. 
How have we achieved this?


Since our first hemp tee hit the racks, we worked closely with On A Mission for 6 months gathering data on all of our business processes from growing to the goods in your hands. From there we can figure out how much CO2 we produce and expect to produce. Once we finally calculated everything we’re able to formulate how many emissions we need to offset. 

Planting trees!

The most effective way at removing CO2 from the atmosphere comes from our green friends and their hungry cells which convert C02 into the oxygen that we all enjoy so much. 
With every purchase you make, through our partners Eden Reforestation, we plant a minimum of 5 trees into areas of severe deforestation such as Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya and Mozambique. Not only does this help restore these eco systems and remove carbon, it also creates much needed employment to the locals of these areas. 
You buy for nature.
Trees return the favour to the planet. 
Happy Planet, Happy Humans. 

Choosing eco-friendly materials

We only use organic or recycled goods in production which is better for you and the planet. 
Hemp - bit of a miracle plant which not only can be made into pretty much anything, but is also pretty damn good at removing CO2 from the atmosphere (up to 4 x more than a standard tree!)
Organic Cotton - unlike it’s conventional sibling, organic cotton is gentle on the skin and uses zero chemicals or pesticides into the soil while saving a ton of water 
Recycled Fabrics - keep and remove waste from landfills as well as reducing the demand for petroleum based raw materials. 

Sharing the love

We support and help fund more than worthy causes on your behalf so you can feel extra good as you snuggle up into your new garment
Carbon Neutral - we offset at least 100% of our carbon emissions through On A Mission Organisation
Plant Trees - with every single purchase you’ll be leaving five little presents to Mother Nature thanks to Eden Reforestation
Donate at least 1% of revenue to important environmental and social organisations as a thanks from us to you to them.