Palmah Aus

Recycled Cord Bag - Petrol Blue


Recycled cord? Think of ya parents groovy flares from the 80's repurposed. 

Made from offcuts of dungarees and other cord fabrics, our recycled cord bags are the perfect answer to decreasing unnecessary waste and diverting it from ending up in landfills. 

As well as reducing waste, recycled materials also have a significantly lower carbon footprint with much lower water and energy use needed than non recycled materials.   

Made with a 100% recycled corduroy outer layer and 100% recycled cotton canvas inner layer. Kind to the planet and the perfect day bag with everything ya need, plus a little extra :)


  • Adjustable strap with copper handle
  • Full Zip
  • Inside pocket + zip to store your smaller goods
  • Big enough to fit a lappy, books, bottle and all your daily needs

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