Smell the Flowers Hood - Dark Pine (Heavyweight Hemp)


Easily our favourite and cosiest hoodies to date. Made by certified Fair Trade© hands in our carbon neutral certified factory.  Heavyweight 420gsm hemp, blended with organic cotton and recycled polyester. This hoodie has the ultimate mix to keep you toasty and comfy no matter what the weather throws at ya.


Why we froth Fair Trade hemp?

  • Fair pay, safe working conditions and healthcare and many other benefits 
  • Extremely comfy and durable - gets softer the more often it's used
  • Breathable and insulating (warm in winter, cool in summer)
  • No pesticides, herbicides or chemicals used in growth and production
  • Uses significantly less water than standard natural fibres such as cotton
  • Removes up to 4x more CO2 from the atmosphere as trees
  • Purifies the soil to keep it in use for generations to come
  • Can be made into almost anything


Love / Care guide :) 


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