Palmah Aus

Two Birds One Stoned - White (Hemp Mini Tee)


Unisex baby tees for those wanting a cropped tighter fit

Mia is 165cm and wears a size S

Constructed from hemp + organic combed cotton

Hemp gives it breathability, durability and is naturally antibacterial

Combed organic cotton still keeps it super comfy and soft on your skin

Join the enviro revolution by opting for hemp 

Premium 220gsm fabric

Why we froth hemp?

  • No pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals used in growth and production
  • Fair production
  • Uses significantly less water than standard natural fibres such as cotton
  • Removes up to 4x more CO2 from the atmosphere as trees
  • Purifies the soil to keep it in use for generations to come
  • Can be made into almost anything



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